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  • I just received my CLOUD and it seems flat, is this normal?
    Yes, this is normal at first. Remember, the filler is mostly memory foam and has been compressed for a while. Simply take the pillow out of its packaging and fluff it up. You can even toss it in the dryer machine for about 15 minutes to get it fluffed to it's full size quickly. Alternatively, you can use your hands to fluff it up and it should be its full size within a day or two.
  • My pillow has an odd smell, is it safe? Will it go away?
    We try very hard to make sure our pillows arrive without any harsh or chemical smells, and we realize some people are extra sensitive to smells. The truth is, all memory foam products have a similar smell upon production and packaging, but it is completely normal and safe. All of our filler materials have been inspected and certified safe by CertiPUR-US. Remember, your pillow has been wrapped up and sealed in packing until you set it free, so just be patient and give it a little time and the smell should dissipate quickly.
  • Can I trust your materials and fabrics?
    Yes, we take safety and quality very seriously! We would never put anything on the market that we don't give to our friends, family and children also. We make sure that all of our materials are independently inspected, tested, and certified safe. You can verify our manufacturer certifications at these websites - OEKO-TX (certificate# SHKO 070108 TESTEX), and CertiPUR-US.
  • What is your warranty for the Kewaba CLOUD?
    We work very hard to make sure you enjoy your CLOUD, but we understand that once in a blue moon it might not work for someone, so we have included the following warranty: 90 DAY REFUND OR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY - If you bought the CLOUD on Amazon you can contact them within the first 30 days for a refund or a replacement. - 31-90 days, you can contact Kewaba through the form on our Support page, or by sending an email to - You will need to provide proof of purchase (such as a receipt) to take advantage of the warranty.
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